Designed in Malaysia


SVG began its business on Instagram as a thrift account. In 2 years, the thrift account was able to gain over 150k followers on Instagram, obtaining more attention than it was expected.

Unfortunately, the account encountered several setbacks and was disabled, and due to that, we lost our followers.

However, that did not put a stop to the business as we fought back and forth to gain back the followers we had. Within 3 years of the commencement as a local brand, a total of 50,000 products has been sold successfully.

Due to this, today, SVG has become an established brand.


Ashraf Anuar

Beginning of his journey in the business world in the year 2017 as a personal shopper who would jump from one thrift store to another finding valued goods, not only in Malaysia, but also all the way in the land of the rising sun, Japan, is how Ashraf Anuar made his way up.

Staying true to his vision of owning his own brand, Ashraf Anuar started an online business on instagram known as @savagestoremy where he would do live streams to sell the items he had thrifted.

Being in the business world has provided him with several connections which has allowed him to produce his first merchandise in the year 2020, that was in collaboration with another local brand.

This was the start of his own brand, which today is known as SVG Worldwide.

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